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The Fall 2015 Issue of the Ambassadors Review is Available Now

The Fall 2015 issue of The Ambassadors REVIEW is available on-line. To access the journal, please click the following link.

Articles in the upcoming issue deal with a variety of timely subjects, including:

Greece and the European Union: Ambassador Daniel Speckhard writes that “Greece has more in common with countries in the Eurozone than many in Europe would want to admit… Greece is less an outlier in Europe than a canary in a coal mine.”

Economic Diplomacy and Entrepreneurship: Ambassador James Costos details a US Embassy program, conducted in partnership with Google, that promotes entrepreneurship in Spain. Ambassador Suzan LeVine highlights the Swiss apprenticeship model and how it can benefit the US economy and workforce.

The United States’ Role in Syria: CAA member Ambassador Edward Gabriel argues that defeating ISIL requires strong US leadership in Syria.

The Bilateral Relationship between Brazil and the United States: Ambassador Liliana Ayalde discusses Brazil-US relations following President Rousseff’s successful June 30-July 2 official visit. She states, “We are now poised to bring the reality of improved Brazil-US cooperation into closer alignment with its deep-seated, wide-ranging potential.”

The complete table of contents from the Fall 2015 issue follows.


Greece and the European Project: Canary in the Coal Mine? by Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard

IN3 - Incubating a New Spain through the Promotion of Entrepreneurship by Ambassador James Costos

Engaging the Swiss on Apprenticeships: Economic Diplomacy with Results Back Home by Ambassador Suzan G. LeVine

The Czech Republic a Quarter Century After the Velvet Revolution by Ambassador Andrew H. Schapiro

Good Things Come in Small Packages: The US-Djiboutian Security Partnership by Ambassador Tom Kelly

Defeating ISIL Requires US Leadership Now by Ambassador Ed Gabriel

Equatorial Guinea Plays a Leading Role in Combating Malaria by Ambassador Mark Asquino, Ph.D.

On US and Haiti Relations: The Ties that Bind by Ambassador Pamela A. White

Brazil and the United States: Renewed Momentum in a Natural Partnership by Ambassador Liliana Ayalde

The Evaluation Revolution in Public Diplomacy by Ms. Carissa Gonzalez, 2014-2015 Davis Public Diplomacy Fellow

ASEAN: Creating the Rules-Based Architecture in Asia by Ambassador Nina Hachigian

Courting a New Ally in the Quest for Equality: Closing the Implementation Gap between Law and Practice in India by Ms. Jasmine Wyatt, 2014 Council of American Ambassadors Annenberg Fellow

Date Posted

Nov 13, 2015