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The Spring 2016 issue of the Ambassadors Review is available now

The Spring 2016 issue of The Ambassadors REVIEW is available online. To access the journal, please click the following link.

Articles in the Spring 2016 issue deal with a variety of timely subjects, including:

Countering ISIS/Daesh: Special Coordinator Michael Lumpkin writes about the newly established Global Engagement Center and its efforts “to reimagine and redevelop our govern­ment’s efforts to counter the messaging and narrative propagated by violent extremists abroad, Daesh in particular.”

US-EU Relations: CAA member Ambassador Anthony Luzzatto Gardner stresses the importance of the US-EU relationship in these turbulent times.

The Asian Development Bank & the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: CAA member Ambassador Robert “Skipp” Orr discusses the newly created Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and its relationship with the Asian Development Bank.

The Importance of People-to-People Exchanges: CAA member Ambassador Alexa Wesner highlights the importance of people-to-people exchanges, and Austria’s important role in the Fulbright Program.

Afghanistan’s Age of Transformation: Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Hamdullah Mohib, explains why he is optimistic about Afghanistan’s future.

The complete table of contents from the Spring 2016 issue follows.


Engaging Through Messaging - The New Global Engagement Center by Special Envoy and Coordinator Michael D. Lumpkin

The United States and the European Union: Essential Partners in a Turbulent World by Ambassador Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

Protecting the West’s Interests in Turkey by Ambassador Ross Wilson

Afghanistan’s Age of Transformation by Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib, Ph.D.

Two Sides of the Foreign Assistance Coin by Director of the Office of U.S. Foreign Assistance Resources Hari Sastry

The Case for a New Era of Person-to-Person Exchange by Alexa L. Wesner

The Untapped Potential of English by Kathryn W. Davis Public Diplomacy Fellow (2014-2015) Megan Tetrick

Gradual and Deliberate Engagement Leads to Trust and Change in Cameroon by Ambassador Michael S. Hoza

The Fruits of Change in Paraguay by Ambassador Leslie A. Bassett

Costa Rica and the United States: An Enduring Partnership by Ambassador S. Fitzgerald Haney

The Asian Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Conditional Collaboration? by Ambassador Robert M. Orr


Date Posted

May 5, 2016