About the Review

American Ambassadors Review endeavors to stay as close to the news as possible while covering a wide geographic range. 


Guidelines for Authors

Pieces generally run between 1,000 and 2,000 words or four to five single typewritten pages. We request that articles be submitted electronically in Word format to grayce@americanambassadors.org. All submissions are reviewed by the editorial board prior to publication.



American Ambassadors Review is distributed on a complementary basis to the United States President and his/her cabinet, the U.S. Congress, State Department officials, United States embassies, foreign embassies in Washington, Representatives of the United Nations, U.S. governors, U.S. war colleges, public and private U.S. universities, leading representatives of the Foreign Affairs community, the press, members of the Council of American Ambassadors and alumni of the Council of American Ambassadors' fellowship programs.


The journal is published in print and online. To view our online publication, visit AmericanAmbassadorsLive.org. To receive a print copy, email grayce@americanambassadors.org.
To offer comment or to order the latest issue of the Review, please email the Council's communications director at grayce@americanambassadors.org.